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Air conditioning explosion, the danger that must not be ignored

Good quality Commercial Tent Air Conditioner for sales
Good quality Commercial Tent Air Conditioner for sales
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Air conditioning explosion, the danger that must not be ignored

Air conditioning explosion, the danger that must not be ignored

Recently, there was a shock of air conditioning becoming a "bomb" at an event in Shandong. It is understood that after the explosion, the scene was a mess, and the entire event venue was also a piece, the indoor unit burned only the copper tube,it's very dangerous.


Every summer is the peak season for the installation and use of air conditioners. At the time of use, the news of “air-conditioning explosion” has been reported frequently in recent years. Why is air conditioner exploding? What are the reasons? In fact, air conditioners are only qualified if they are installed. It is very safe to use.



Daily use should pay attention to avoid dangers around:

1. Do not let the air conditioner close to the open fire during installation.

2. When cleaning the appearance of the air conditioner, do not use alcohol to wipe the air conditioner immediately. Because the ignition point of the alcohol is relatively low, if it is energized immediately after the cleaning, the electric spark generated by the circuit board will ignite the alcohol at the start.

3, when there is a problem with the air conditioner, do not blindly disassemble the machine for repair, it is recommended to find a professional master to visit.


Of course, when we buy air conditioning, we also need to choose the quality of air conditioning to ensure.


In the summer, activities in outdoor venues are the most important. Drez has specialized in research and development of outdoor air conditioners for more than ten years. It has obtained various patent certifications in technology. In China, it is a partner of large-scale event air-conditioning leasing, and chooses Drez outdoor air conditioners that is to choose the security guarantee.

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